Sunday, February 26, 2012

My First Real TNT Pattern

My first real TNT pattern, my self drafted skirt pattern. I have it up a total of 5 times already if you include the muslin and I have may more plans for the future. As a matter of fact for March I have two more planned. In the ten years that I have been sewing I have never made a pattern up that many times, the only one to come close is Simplicity 2725 and is because of the contest and that was 4 times if you include the muslin. But they are not as successful as my skirt pattern because they don't flatter me so I don't wear them at all. But my skirts are my favorite. I drafted this pattern I think around Nov 2010 but I was not able to do much with it since I was pregnant. So I was only able to make the blue paisley cord and purple before I got too big and I was already pregnant when I made it. Also so far they are the only two that were made as a straight A-line skirt. Next up was my black and white anthro inspired skirt which I made this past fall and now my red four gore skirt.
Getting to this point has been a process for me. I had been looking for a maxi skirt pattern for awhile but most patterns just weren't the simple A-line pattern I wanted and when I did find one it just wasn't long enough or full enough for me. So before I came to my final draft I drafted this pattern at least three times before. Once I had a draft I was pleased with it still took me a while to use it since I had no directions to make it up, I just kept feeling like it was not right or something. But once I had made it up twice and had worked out the sewing order and construction, I love it. Once I wore the purple plaid and DH asked me if I had made it, it wasn't that it looked badly sewn, but he remarked at how well it fit me as if it was made for me. I didn't tell him that I had drafted the pattern myself.

So far the red sateen and blue paisley cord are my favorite versions of this pattern, but sadly some kind of way my blue paisley got a whole in it so I only wear it around the house. I'm hoping to make two more next month, but not sure how or if I'll change it up some more time will tell.

Sidenote: I drafted my pattern using Design it Yourself Clothes Patternmaking Simplified

Until next time happy sewing...

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alethia said...

A TNT skirt pattern is a gem. You are going to use that pattern over and over again with great results.


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