Saturday, February 20, 2010

Design It Yourself -A-line skirt part 1

For my first skirt  I'm going to be using a twill piece that brought with me. I'm not going to line the inside but instead use the lining fabric to finish the seams. I'm still looking for a serger ,so I'll have to find other ways to finish the inside.

beige twill, lining, zipper

Now starting off this is my second time getting ready to draftdrafting it, the first time it was too loose in the waist and too tight in the thigh area. So instead of messing around with the pattern I just decided to redraft it especially since want to start my plans from the beginning I wanted a refresher on drafting skirts.

rough pattern complete
First rule when teaching yourself from a book. Read EVERYTHING
at first I just skimmed over it and  just as I was about to smooth out the angles I remembered I had forgot to add wearing ease, oops.
smoothing out waistline
Other than that I was able draft from start to finish in less than an hour, it can be done in less than an half hour if you have everything ready before you go, for me I had to keep getting up and searching for this and that.
seams added
front and back complete
Tonight I plan to sew up the muslin and tweak the fit. We'll see how it goes.

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