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Book review: Design-It-Yourself Clothes Patternmaking Simplified

Design-It-Yourself Clothes: Patternmaking Simplified

By Cal Patch

Table of Contents

Part 1: Before You Begin

Part 2: Making the Patterns

· The A-line Skirt

· The Fits-You-To-A-T-Shirt

· The Button-Down Shirt

· All Dressed Up

· Miss Fancy Pants

Part 3: Customizing, Fitting, and Grading

· Stylizing

· Throw a Fit

· Making the Grade

Making Patterns From Existing Clothes

Insider Sewing Techniques


Resource Guide


Measurement Conversion Chart


I first came across this book on sometime during the summer, I’m not sure how, but when I read the book description I knew I had to have it or at least see it. A simplified intro to patternmaking which is geared towards who wishes to self teach themselves, yep that sounds like my kinda book. Only problem the book was not due to release until September 22, 2009, in the words of Homer Simpson “D’oh”. So the waiting started and so did my hunt, I tried to find out as much as I could on the author and her book, this lead me to her site hodgepodge farm. I did not find too much after that other than her tutorials on Threads magazine’s site. Well even after my digging I was still undecided, until about month before it was due to release, I decided to go ahead and preorder. My book arrived the day after it released. I could not wait until I had the kiddies in bed and could sit down to read so I didn’t when I had my first minute I was reading and I’m glad I got it. I could not start on the exercises right away because I found out I was leaving the country and need to get the house ready to leave. Since then I have managed to draft the first pattern which is the a-line skirt but have not had a chance to fit it yet. I have incorporated the book into my self designed patternmaking class which you can find on my blog. My goal is to become completely independent of the pattern companies and maybe down the line start my own pattern company.

Now about the book: It’s a paperback book with a 160 pages. There aren’t a lot of illustrations so it is not for a visual learner but more so for one who learns by doing or hands on. But she does show each pattern in garment form, which I think will be pleasing to the teen and early twenty something crowd. Don’t get me wrong the patterns are for anyone it’s just the fabrics that are used would be very appealing to them I think. But the book is what it says a simplified patternmaking book for beginners. While this is not a must have sewing book it is a must have patternmaking book for anyone who wants to get started on drafting their own patterns.

The author's own site has more info on the book

There is a preview at the random house site which should give you a good idea of the book.

Here is the shirt pattern from the book.

Conclusion: I so happy I have a copy and can’t wait to finish using it.

And here is the first item from the book an A-line skirt, once I get a sewing machine and fit my skirt I plan to continue with rest of the exercises as you can see in my plan on the side.

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