Saturday, January 16, 2010

Still no sewing

Well its been over a month since I posted anything but I have been working on my blog (still trying to get a layout that I really like). I'm hoping not to have a break that long again, but I was hoping that my next post would be of something I have sewn or to show my new machines. Well neither has happened but I'm hoping soon. we finally got our van that we shipped over, so now hopefully we can get around better. But in the mean time I have been doing some reading both books and blogs and have even more plans for my future sewing God-Willing. I have also started on another pattern from the Design-It-Yourself book as you can see here. Its the shirt patten this time, I cannot go any further with the skirt pattern until I fit it and I can't do that until I have a machine and some furniture also. I skipped the tee for now and will come back to that once I finish with the skirt part of my plan. Well that's it for now, as always I am a woman of very few words. Happy sewing

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