Friday, December 04, 2009

No sewing machine but I did find Fabric

Well still no sewing machine but I did find fabric and a nice selection too. I was in the downtown souk area with my family while we shopped for a desk for my husband and with my mind constantly on sewing again I quickly found few shops that sell fabric. At first glance it looks like a dress shop but I quickly realized its just the fabric draped over dressforms to look like dresses, it seems that a lot of shops do this. I tried to find denim and twill as this is my favorite fabric for bottoms but what I found was not the quality I wanted. I did find a lot of great fabric for tops and dresses. I see that I am going to have to learn my arabic numbers real quickly. Here in the sook most things are bought using a lot of haggaling and most merchants don't speak in English and also I think that once they find out your not a native or american then tend to see dollar signs and up the starting price. This is not one of my favorite ways to shop but I guess I need to get use to it. Oh well I guess another time for the sewing machine, I really want to get started soon. I'm quickly starting to feel lonely and all I can think about is getting back to a hobby I so enjoy.


Anonymous said...

Do they even allow dresses and mannequins in the souks?? I thought every magazine is blackened out specially females.

Happy said...

Yes, as you can see they have both. I thought the same thing about the magazine but I found magazines displayed in the open of women faces but you will not see magazine with a revealing woman. I was soooo surprised when I went to a books store this past week and found the December issue of Burda in English. Now I can keep getting my Burdas.


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