Saturday, December 18, 2010

Blue Cord Skirt done

 My skirt is done, and I'm happy with how it looks but unhappy with myself for rushing at the end. I messed up on the zipper a little but its not that noticeable, also I drafted a waist facing but screwed that up when I forgot to interface it. So I ended up using some slevedge from a twill home decor fabric I have from Ikea.I really have to remember quality and quantity when it comes with teaching myself sewing and patternmaking speed will come with time and experience.

All in all it was a pretty easy draft and the fit is pretty good (one of the best). Sewing also was pretty easy other than my careless mistakes. One thing I did not do with this skirt which I plan to do with the rest of my skirts is sew the back darts, this time I just eased in the fullness but I think I like it better with the darts instead.
front up close
Front dart and side zip
 I was surprised that I was able to get the main print centered without losing any extra fabric since with cord you have to cut with the nap. I was able to get two extra items cut from the same five yards, but I will wait to sew them up for now I need a top to match my new skirt.
unmatched side
 The only thing I was not able to do was to match the print at the side seams. I would have lost/ wasted too much fabric.

 I'm hoping this will become a new TNT for me since I already have a few more of these planned and also I want to move on the the next variation from the book. But first I need to get more bottom weight fabric much of what I see in the souk is dress fabric, I'm really missing fabric dot com right now, oh well.  I'm going to need time to do some searching for a local source.
Now on to the next thing which I'm still not sure what but I hope to start this week.

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