Thursday, February 23, 2012


Well I was without internet connection for almost a week and so a little behind on posting but hope to catch up in a little. This month I have not been sewing as much as I would like, not that I don't have the time but my mojo just is not here right now. But I plan to keep pushing on without it slowly because I know when I don't have the time to sew I'm gonna wish I used the time that I did have. Anyway I did finish my red mini wardrobe other than my cowl top. I just did not feel like working with anymore knits on my machine so maybe after a few projects in woven fabric I'll come back to it. 
So here is another version of my self drafted A-line skirt which I turned into a four gore skirt, easy peasy just simply add seam allowances to the front and back fold line.

For the front seam  used a hong kong seam finish. I wasn't sure if I was doing right and I have mixed feelings about how it came it out so I just finished the rest of the seams using my serger, but I plan to practice this more in the future so I have some reading up to do on this technique to get a more polished look.
For the hem, I'm still using the same technique I learn from YCMI, I just really like how it looks so this one I'll be using for a while. I'm not sure if RTW uses this but I know I have seen it on handmade dresses years ago before I started sewing myself, and thought it made the dress look just as nice on the inside. I'm not able to buy anything that is labeled hem tape here so I have to find what I think can work in its place. From what I remember it is a thin tape with a little give. So that is what I look for in the notions stores here.
The front seam also has topstitching, which I saw on a denim of a former co-worker and have been wanting to try myself. I really like and I'm thinking about adding it my other planned skirt.

This is my second time sewing up the Jalie top and this time I tried to go with my bust size which meant tracing off a bigger size size W. Well I won't be using that size again, it is too big in the shoulders and neckline and also in the bicep. I will try to wear it as is but for my next top which is no time soon I'll be going back to my original size U.
I'm currently working on my first shirt for the year which I plan to make 12 total this year, so I am  behind by one month. I'm also going to try for DAM  (dress a month), TAM (top a month) and SkAM (skirt a month). I don't think I'll be able to do 12 dresses since I mostly wear separates, but would love to wear more. I'm still working on SWAP at the same time. For March I really need to get cranking if I want to make it in time for the deadline. Hope to keep everyone posted.

Until next time happy sewing...


Hen said...

What a nice skirt! What kind of fabric is it, cotton?

Gail said...

I love the binding on your top. Beautiful work.


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