Friday, February 10, 2012

Slowly working on...

 So remember this grouping a fabric a few weeks ago? Well I have been slowly sewing it up into a mini wardrobe. I can't sew too slow if I want to make the deadline for the SWAP over at Stitcher's Guild.
 Here is my sweetheart tee with the self drafted 4 gore skirt. the tee still needs the bottom and sleeves hemmed. I have to wait until either I get another machine or wait until my current machine is fixed.
Here is my retro top using my TnT top pattern along with the skirt. The skirt needs to be hemmed and hook and eyes added but all of that is hand sewing so hopefully it will be done soon.
 The skirt is from my self drafted a-line skirt pattern. I just simply added a front seam to make it 4 gore and also added a waistband. I could not do facings since I barely got the skirt out of the length that I had. For the waistband I just simply used scraps of salvage fabric that were big enough and sewed them together it only took two pieces of what I had to make it long enough. If you look closely enough you can see the lace I used for hem tape, going to the notions shop and trying to get them to understand hem tape is not happening so I just use a matching thin lace in place. I'm not sure if that is correct to do but so far it has worked for the two times I have done it.
 And here is Simplcity 2345 sitting still in pieces. Not sure when I'll be to complete this top but I hope soon as it is one of my favorite tops. I use this fabric as trim for the sweetheart top.
Here is the skirt with Simplicity 2345, the first one I made, to give you an idea how they look together. The skirt is a-line but for some reason once on my dressform (no name yet) it looks straight.


alethia said...

Great looking wardrobe.

Bri said...

Your mini wardrobe is looking fabulous!

I'm thinking I will do a Spring/Summer wardrobe challenge in March to get me geared up for nicer weather!


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