Wednesday, February 08, 2012

A Gift

 Its only been 26 days since I last posted :-) , hopefully it won't be that long again for a while, it just that sometimes life can throw some mean curve balls. Anyway speaking for curves, look what I got last week from a really good and close friend here, a arm curve and pant curve. To say that it made my day, week, month,  me feel a lot better is an understatement. I was grinning from ear to ear all day long.
 In the background you can see that I started on my skirt sloper from Building Patterns and I hope to play around with these rulers soon. I already had a ruler similar but they are not the same so they will be really useful for me. One can never have too many drafting rulers.
 I have started back sewing a little, my machines still aren't fixed but I was able to get my sewing working well enough to work on wovens I can no longer do anything with knits I think the problem is down in the bobbin area but it really needs to be fixed. I'm trying not to cause more damage. My serger I don't know what that is its just making a funny noise when ever I use it almost like the skidding of a car. I plan to buy a back up sewing  machine soon but not sure if I can get a back up serger, it was so harding finding one here and then just asking questions about it is out of the question.I won't be able to take my machines in to get fixed until the beginning of March at the soonest. So I plan to contine to sew but it will have to bee at a much slower pace. So I guess more time for drafting.
 So I'll have some pics to show of what I have been slowly working on soon.

Until next time happy sewing...


Lena Merrin said...

Oh! New toys!! What can be better?!

ReadyThreadSew said...

You may just need to clean out the bobbin housing. If you have a manual for your machine the info should be in there, or perhaps a search online for your particular model might help. A search for "clean bobbin housing" brings up loads of results. I will also ask the obvious - have you changed the needle? I only ask because a slightly bent needle can cause all sorts of problems.


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