Friday, January 13, 2012

My Latest top and Now No Machines

I'm so all over the place its just insane sometimes but this time I really had to go with my gut feeling. I was suppose to be working on my shirt pattern for the Shirt-A-Month sew along but I just was not feeling this fabric as a shirt, so then I decided to make it into a basic top and try drafting the pattern myself. But I really wanted the top to workout I knew needed sleeves and they are something I'm still working on. So I decided to go back to my blouse pattern and add a collar.
 I used the collar from New Look 6808 and just morphed the New Look neckline with my blouse neckline and made the changes I needed to the collar and facing pieces. All worked out as you can see and I really like my new top and can't wait to sew up the skirt so I can have a new outfit to wear.
Because I was using the New Look collar for this pattern I needed the instructions for making and attaching the collar with bow, lets just say they were so confusing it was ridiculous. I just went with what I thought was right and everything turned out just fine. Even after I figured everything out I went back to reread to see if they made more sense and they didn't. I have not read any reviews on this pattern so I don't know if it was just me or did others have a problem also. Also I wish I knew more about matching prints as I think I could have done with this one a little but I'm still learning so I won't kill myself over that one.
 I kept the same sleeves as before but instead of adding the cuff I just made a casing and inserted elastic. At first I thought I had 1/4 inch wide elastic but after I sewed the casing I realized I had 1/2 inch elastic. I was so happy that I had made the casing a little wider as it was just enough to squeeze in the elastic. I was only able to do sleeve casing and elastic before my sewing machine decided it did not want to work anymore.
So all that is left is to finish the other sleeve and hem the bottom and I am done but now I have to wait until I get my machines to a shop and back before I can do anything else. Also my serger decided it wanted to start making some funny sound, it still works but I am concerned enough to not use it anymore until it is seen and fixed.
 So there will be no more sewing for me for only a little while I hope but now I have time to work on the exercises in Building Patterns which I can share with everyone and also work on tissue fitting my shirt and pants patterns for now.
I'm going to do a new review on this pattern over at Patternreview since it so much different than the original pattern and just link each new review to the one before it. So new review coming soon and

Until next time happy sewing everyone...


Suzy said...

It looks so cute and the fabric is gorgeous :)

Doobee said...

Love your top - the spots are a lot of fun. Great changes to the pattern as well. Sad about your machine, but the bonus is you will have more time to check out blogs and gather ideas together, ready to whip up a storm when the machine comes back from its hospital stay...

ReadyThreadSew said...

That is so cute. I absolutely adore that collar and bow. I hope your machines come back to you in perfect working order and very, very soon.

Bri said...

Oh my goodness this top is so freaking awesome, I want it in my closet! I love polka dots!

I've found more than a few times that when I've used a pattern I should of just used the pieces and ignored the instructions because they were so ridiculous too!


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