Saturday, January 07, 2012

Itching to Draft

So I have had off sewing all weekend, not that I wanted to but I didn't have much of choice, but it has given me time to think about my next sewing project. I was debating trying to trace and  fit jeans for the up coming jeans contest on Patternreview, work on fitting and sewing up my first shirt for the Shirt-A-Month sew along over at Stitcher's Guild which I want to do but also I want a skirt right now also and I'm also want to work more on my patternmaking.drafting skills and have a few things I have been wanting to start off with. So make the decision easy for myself, I just asked myself what do I WANT to do right now, what will make me happy right now, forget about contest or what others are doing, that made my decision so much easier. So what do I want to do right now? I want to draft my own top and skirt set. I won't give any hints just yet as to the design other than to say it is very retro inspired. 

Until next time happy sewing...

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