Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Burda 8765 Level 2 Garment

This is my level 2 garment for the YCMI program that I am blogging about on my other blog. As much as I love wearing skirts I don't normally go after straight skirts. Even though I had recently made the popular McCall's 3830 it doesn't get pulled out of the closet that much to be worn, but since I needed a skirt with a back slit or vent for this project and I am trying to stick as close as I can to the requirements for each level I really didn't have much of  a choice. But I am so glad I did it actually looks better no me than I thought. I don't know if the fit is better or what but I like how this one looks on me. I do know that I like waistbands better than a faced waist in all of my bottoms. This pattern doesn't have a shaped waistband that I prefer but I think I can swap it Burda magazine waistband that is shaped.

When I bought the fabric I was just looking for something to fit the requirements of the program, had I known how much I ended up liking this pattern I think I would have a picked a different print or at the least one for the program and one to wear. This one will only see the inside of the house.

 I was a little surprised to find that there were no reviews for this pattern since it such a basic wardrobe piece.  While I don't think I'll be sewing up a closet full of these I do think its worth keeping around to sew up here and there.

Quick info:
  • the fabric is a mid-weight denim with gold glitter and burgundy flowers
  • I added 3 inches to the length to make it a maxi
  • Burda 8765 is a straight skirt, non-shaped waistband, back a back vent
  • Only 3 pieces (front, back and waistband)
  • center back centered zipper 
  • No lining
  • I did stray from the program and did a double turn hem instead of using the hem tape

Until next time, happy sewing...

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