Sunday, July 14, 2013

Basic Skirt (A-Line)

I have drafted this skirt so many times that I should know it by heart by now but I don't. The first few times was okay but not perfect. So worked on it some more, I eventually got a draft that I was pretty pleased with that I made it 
a few times but still not perfect. So then I turned to Building Patterns and drafted the skirt sloper and was a bit more pleased with the fit after the first draft. So I decided to mix the two drafts and went from there. It was actually quite easy to do. I use DIY Clothes for the basic outline and Building Patterns for the waist and hip fit this also gave the back a center back seam for a better fit. I only needed to make two muslins and I was done. And let me tell you this is best fitting skirt I have ever had, I can't wait to fill my closet with a bunch of these. I just need to trace off a working copy and put the original away for safe keeping.

I did change a little bit from the book little, the book gives you directions for a rectangular shaped waistband for the basic skirt if you want that option but it doesn't show the skirt with it. Also the basic skirt has front patch pockets which I did not like so I went with back welt pockets instead. To find the best placement for me, I just cut out a a rectangle of paper added tape and when I was finish fitting the muslin I just stuck and restuck the paper on the muslin until I was pleased with its placement and then just transfer onto the paper pattern.

The only thing that needs a bit more work to me is the waistband. I used the instructions from Design-It-Yourself Clothes but its just a rectangular waistband and on me the waistband actually stands away from my body. So now I have to figure out how to draft a shaped waistband. In doing a quick look through of all of my patternmaking books it seems as though only Building Patterns has instructions for this which is not good. I like to look at more than one way at doing something so that I can have and idea of what I'm doing   since I like to experiment sometimes. I guess its going to be online tutorials if I can find any.
Quick Info:
  • Self drafted pattern using both Design-It-Yourself Clothes and Building Patterns
  • Fabric is a lightweight cotton 
  • 3 pattern pieces (front, back and waistband)
  • A-line skirt with a non-shaped waistband
  • Has a side lapped zipper and hook and eye closing
  • Double turned hem

Until next time, happy sewing...


L said...

I really like your blog's new design. It's bright and fresh. Very well done on your new skirt. Those welt pockets look great. As for contouring the waistband, the method of removing small darts in a couple of places definitely works. I tried this on my Jalie jeans waistband and haven't had much of a problem.

Farhana said...

@L Yes I saw how to do it on your blog but at that time I had already made this skirt (a few weeks old now) but do intend to try it out and show it here and give credit where credit is due. Thanks :-)

JuliN said...

I think you did a superb job on your skirt. So glad that L directed you to her waistband post - I thought of it immediately when I read this post. Welcome back.

Farhana said...

@JuliN Thank you.

Alethia said...

You skirt is absolutely fabulous! Your hard work paid off, you should be proud!
I'm interested in learning more about the DIY Clothes and the Building Patterns system.


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