Friday, July 12, 2013

I'm Back and With A New Look

For my blog that is. I have always wanted a more brighter and inviting look for my blog but I feel like I just don't have eye for it for some reason. I always kept getting drawn right into the darker colors. This time I plan to work on it and keep trying to improve the over all look for my blog.

Its been over a month since my last post and this time its not my internet service fault. I have been very busy around the home lately since the kids have gotten out of school for the summer and we also had a small getaway for a few days. But that has not stopped me from sewing just blogging so I do have some post planned coming soon.

Until next time, happy sewing...

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Nanna said...

is the skirt your next project? looks like a cute one!

Farhana said...

Yes, skirts are next. These are skirts that I drafted using DIY Clothes.


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