Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Fabrications Part 3 Smart Little Vest

Fabrications:Change the fabric, change or add trim,lengthen, shorten, fold the edges but don’t change any fitting seams.
Silhouettes #800

Look #1 Delicate Elegance

Style Changes: Extend to mid-knee length, release darts below waist. Bind collar, back neck, front, bottom, side slit, and armhole edges. Bind center back and side back seams, omit buttons and use for pairs of ties.

Look #2 Sporty Spirit

Style Changes: Add drawstring cargo pockets to the front, sew a corresponding tie in to each dart to secure the drawstring. Add a casing drawstring to the back waist area.

Look #3 Dramatic Pleated Collar

Style Changes: Replace the applied collar with a standing pleated ruffle. Add decorative ties to the back waist.
Part 1 Fabrications Wrap Top
Part 2 Shirt Dress
Until next time, happy sewing

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