Tuesday, January 01, 2013

From Fabrications To One Pattern Many Looks Contest

Based on what I have read at the forums over at Patternreview, the one pattern many looks (opml) contest was started using inspiration from a series of Threads articles starting with issue 112, in which the  editors took one pattern and made three different looks. They called it Fabrications. The rules simple, change the fabric, change or add trim, lengthen, shorten, fold the edges, but don’t change any fitting seams
The Fabrication series starts with issue number 112 and ends with 115, over these four issues they use a wrap front top, shirt dress, vest, and a coat.  Over the next few weeks I’ll show the different patterns and their different fabrications from Threads magazine and try to explain the changes for each look the best I can. I hope this can benefit others who want to take a pattern to its max, without extensive pattern drafting, and for others to see the many possibilities in a single pattern,

First up Vogue 2752:

Look #1 Crisp, Classy Blouse

Style changes: Turn-back lapels, tie waist, and inverted box pleat sewn along the shoulder/ sleeve seam at the hem.

Look #2 Sporty Sophistication

Style changes: Lapped seams on the princess line and center back. Narrow self-belt with silver buckle.

Look #3 Dressy Suit

Style changes: lengthen the sleeves, create double-breasted closure, add two rows of braid along front/ collar/ bottom edge
Next will be the classic shirt dress.

FYI: These issues are from 2004 so some of the patterns maybe out of print.

Until next time, happy sewing...


Judith said...

Thanks for this, it is great to see just how quickly one pattern can change with just a little imagination. Stitches Australia magazine also does this on a regular basis, and small changes to one pattern can make such a difference...

alethia said...

Great, I will be looking forward to your future post on this subject.

Bri said...

I really like the one pattern different looks articles and this reminds me of all the sewing projects I need to get done!

Good luck with yours!

JuliN said...

I have this pattern and enjoyed the Threads one pattern many looks article on it. I look forward to seeing your version.


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