Saturday, September 15, 2012

Burdastyle 8/2012 Part 2

 I am not sure what my fabric is other than its  poly and is very lightweight. I am tempted to call this top Mystique since this thing is  is very shape shifty. I was able to cut out my pieces without needing to put extra tissue paper between the fabric layers. Now on to construction, I'm still not sure what the is best for this fabric, I tried using mock french seams but that did not do well with the raveling of the fabric so then I just switched to using my serger but I don't like the heaviness of the seam so I think next time if I do another fabric like this I'll just use the real thing and do real french seams.
Also I used tailors tacks to mark my darts it was the only thing I could think of to use on this fabric. I see that I need to do more research on working with sheer and lightweight fabrics.
So this is were I am now, next on to the back and the invisible zipper.

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Judith said...

This certainly is sounding like tricky fabric to work with, though with you extra care will turn out beautifully. I am always a fan of French seams with thinner fabric to avoid the fraying...


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