Wednesday, December 04, 2013

Thinking Out Loud : How To Get Good Fast

Suggestions Welcomed

I know it has been a while since I last posted but like life it has its ups and downs. But I have been thinking a lot about something I said in this post, I mean why not try if I like it so much.  But then the fear and self doubt that no matter how good I get I'm missing something that I can't teach myself or is only gained with years of industry experience or that flat piece of   paper proving to the world I can do it someone showed me how. But if I'm designing and making my own patterns and putting them out there who needs it if my work can speak for its self. Now comes the question how do I get that good on my own? I have the passion and drive but my options are slim at best. I'm smack dab in the middle of the desert with no opportunities available to me not much support and funds are extremely limited. I don't say this get any sympathy or anything just stating the facts and what I am up against.  But I still feel all is not lost.

Ever since I first heard/read about the 10,000 rule 47 months ago to the day, I have been fascinated by the idea that I could become really good at something if I could put in the time. Even when I go back and read my comment I left my desire to learn patternmaking was there. It has been for along time now but its only recently that I started really applying myself and thinking about doing it on a professional level. I have since listened to the audio version of Outliers and it kept me intrigued but something kept nagging at me.  I think that was this nagging that has mostly kept me from trying the 10k hour challenge, it has to be more to it. So like most thinks I get a sudden interest in I did a lot of research which lead me to the book Talent Is Overrated and found that it was more to it than just putting in the hours. Deliberate practice

Deliberate practice is a form of practice usually developed by a teacher or instructor to move the learner beyond their comfort level in an effort to improve performance. There are a few key features to deliberate practice 1) highly demanding mentally, requires lots of focus and concentration 2) designed to improve performance 3) must continue over long periods of time 4) must be repeated 5)requires constant feedback after all how are you to know if your improving 6) it isn't always fun.

PM - T + 10k+ DP= Mastery

So how do I put all of this together patternmaking minus teacher plus10k hours (I'm sure I can do this part) plus deliberate practice to get to that master level? I don't know, right now I'm using DIY Clothes and I do because it designed as a self teaching book and there is no other like it, to teach myself but I'll be done soon and then what, what do I do to push myself past this level? Food for though I guess. I'll leave with one of my favorite phrases I have found years ago when I first started looking into the 10k hour rule.

"Passion is a necessary component of success, but, alone, it is not enough. Vision without action deteriorates into daydreaming. Without persistent practice, passion fades"


Jo Ashcroft said...

Hi, I know exactly what you mean I have been sewing for years but lost the confidence of ever being able to do it professionally. I embarked this year on a diploma course in pattern making and garment construction at a local academy (I'm in New Zealand) and have definitely got my mojo back. I can pattern cut with the best of them now-I have a superb teacher.
Have you thought about distance learning? The academy I go to has a distance learning course and many of their students are overseas. There may be others that cater for what you want/need but i thought that might be a starting point. I have put the link here
I am not on commission from them (just incase you're wondering, I just know the people who run the course and they are excellent-they taught me well.
Good luck

Anonymous said...

It is a very good first step that you put your desire to move forward out there. It sounds like searching for an opportunity online would work for you. I wish I had resources to point you to - just stopping by to be encouraging.
Good luck!

Jo Ashcroft said...

Another thought, what about a craftsy course, there seem to be a lot of them on the subject of pattern drafting/making and I know there are a couple on draping that I have my eye on. Might be worth looking up?

Jo Ashcroft said...
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