Thursday, November 07, 2013

Burn Test

Rhonda over at Rhondas Creative Life is currently working her way through the MSDP certification program and I have been eagerly awaiting  post about her progress. At one time I was considering this program. It was not to get certified at least not right away but to use it as a self teaching guide (note: this is NOT a course), but the board had issues with that so I just dropped it but I was still curious about it.So when I saw that Rhonda had signed up and would blog her progress of getting certified  of course I had to follow along   :-)  

First up is the burn test. I thought that maybe others would like to see how fibers are identified using a burn test before she posted her results. These can be found in the book above. I got this book on sale when I first started sewing years ago, at the time it was way to advance for me, it was like reading a foreign language but it was about sewing clothes so I knew I wanted it and I have since used it many times over the years, its no longer in print but if you can find a good copy I do recommend it.
So here are the textbook results now lets wait and see how Rhonda's results compare.

Until next time, happy sewing...

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