Saturday, November 02, 2013

Make A Garment A Month November

For my November garment I'm planning a boat neck / bateau neckline top. It will be very similar to New Look 6808 which I have made up a few times and is one of my favorite patterns but its not mine, my draft and the fit is still not perfect. So I'll be using my own top pattern that has taken me months to draft, fit, adjust, fit again, and adjust some more. The front fits like a glove but the back still needs work, its still a work in progress but its so much better than anything I could get in ready to wear and beats hacking away at a ready made pattern. I don't know what it is but I just love making my own patterns. If I had the training I think being an indie patternmaker/designer  would be my calling. I mean sometimes when I get maybe an hour or so in my little studio to work on a pattern, I can get so caught up in it that 1 hour has turned into 2 hours and I still don't want to leave but I have just made dinner late oops. I heard that if there was something you could do all day without being paid and loved it then that would be your dream career and that is how I feel about sewing and patternmaking.

Anyway so here is my mood board sort of for November.
Until next time, happy sewing...


L said...

I've followed your posts about pattern-making and think you do a great job and crafting your own patterns. Do you remember when you developed a passion for this part of sewing?

Hana said...

Hi Farhana, I am a new comer here! What a great plan to draw your own-pattern. Good luck and looking forward to see your final project!

Anonymous said...

Drafting your own patterns is really paying off for you. I look forward to seeing your boatneck top.


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