Thursday, August 15, 2013

Basic T-shirt Variation 3: The Sim T

Here is my version of the peplum T-shirt. It was quite easy to do. Using my basic t-shirt pattern, I traced it on to tracing paper then cut it apart at the waist. I then lengthened the lower half which became the peplum about an inch. On the peplum piece starting from the hem I cut it four times up to the waist seam and evenly spread each piece it to make is semi circular. From there it is just truing the seam line and adding seam allowance and did the same for the back. I was just so into the flow of making the pattern that I did not even think to take pics, maybe next time. 

I like it so much I actually have at least two more planned but I'll finish out this t-shirt lesson before I get to them. Also I think I'm going to draft a facing instead of using the neckband piece, I think it makes the the top look sporty when I want a more casual look, but that is what muslins are for. And with all of this patternmaking and muslins I'm starting to run really low on knits so I think I'll be planning a shopping trip soon and I'll try to take pics there too.

Quick Info:

  • Self drafted pattern using my basic T-shirt pattern
  • 5 pattern pieces (front bodice, back bodice, sleeve, neckband and peplum)
  • Inspired by Simplicity 1539
  • Cream and brown polyester knit purchased here in Riyadh
  • Hems are made using a stretch stitch on my sewing machine.
Until next time, happy sewing...


Sheila said...

The top came out great. Love the print.

Juliane said...

Great looking top!

L said...

I second Sheila and Juliane's comments. You are getting good at modifying your basic tee. Well done.

RhondaBuss said...

Great little top and the fabric is wonderful too!

JuliN said...

Very nice top, indeed. It is inspiring to see your creations from your self drafted tee pattern. Thanks for sharing.


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