Sunday, August 18, 2013

Basic T-Shirt Variation 2: Charlotte Top aka The Sack

Here is the second variation of the basic t-shirt called the Charlotte top. This was one project I was trying to get around and make it work another way. I don't mind as a matter of fact I want a basic pattern for a slouchy or loose fitting tunic t-shirt but what gives is the drawstring at the neckline on this one, it just makes look like a sack literally and I' not feeling it.

It maybe partly my fault how much of a sack it is. In the directions for changing the pattern Cal suggest adding 1 inch to center front and center back but I added 2, I really wanted a full tunic tee and it came out full but then again it it maybe that drawstring neckline. For the sleeves I did not shorten them as much as the book calls for but instead shortened my sleeves from 3/4 length to just below elbow. I still added fullness to the sleeve but I did not gather it by adding elastic instead I just left it loose.

Temp drawstring
I did not have anything I wanted to use for the drawstring and I did not like the look of my self fabric ties so I just used some trim I found in my sewing room for a temporary substitute .

My fabric collection was already pretty small and this lesson on t-shirts has left my knit collection pretty thin so I don't think I'l be doing too many more tees so I'll be moving on to woven tops soon.

Quick Info:

  • Self drafted t-shirt pattern using Design-It-Yourself Clothes
  • 4 pattern pieces (front, back, sleeve and drawstring casing)
  • Polyester knit 
  • Seams sewn with a straight stretch stitch
  • Hems are turned once and sewn with a honeycomb stretch stitch
Until next time, happy sewing


L said...

I think the tunic is cute. I'd totally wear it with a belt as the 'sack look' isn't flattering on me. I like the drawstring neckline as well.

I am inspired by your persistence in making variations of the basic tee. You go girl!

Faye Lewis said...

RE: Thread Heaven. It comes in the packaging that I showed on my blog, a little blue cube. The cube (box) has a flip top, and it's filled with a (I think) gelled waxy substance that you pull the thread across. I got mine from Joann Fabrics, but they also carry it at Hancock Fabrics.


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