Sunday, August 04, 2013

6 Takes

That's how many muslin it took me to get the best t-shirt pattern I have ever had.

 Muslin 6: I call this one a semi final because I made the neckband too wide but other than this I think I am done. I have already made the changes to my neckband piece so now I am ready to move on to the first variation aka Marguerite t.
Muslin number 1: The neckline was way too high for my liking and both the shoulder length and sleeves too long.
Muslin number 2: Sleeves still too long, shoulder length still too long and forgot to shorten the neck band so after it was attached it stood away from my body.
Muslin number 3: A little be better on all adjustments but still not happy. With each muslin I just adjusted the original pattern never redrafting the pattern. This time I'm going to start a new draft. To help me I studied a few ready made patterns in my collection and retook some of my measurements.
Muslin 4: This time around I decided to completely draft my pattern instead of readjusting the paper pattern especially since it had been so long since I had worked with it. I have a small notebook that I using to keep all of my notes in so I had an idea of all of the changes I needed to make for this pattern. But for some reason I forgot to put in my sleeve depth from the last draft and I also forgot to lower my neckline. And this is the very issue I had with this draft. Also I wanted it a bit longer in the bodice.
Muslin number 5: This one was never meant to be finished, this is one of those " what was I thinking" fabric purchases. I was so hoping that my last muslin was going to be it, but it wasn't and somewhat deflating  when I  realized that I was going to need to redraft the whole pattern again. it. So I redrafted this one again and I was determined to get it right even if I needed to do it three more times. After three drafts in two months I think now I can whip up a t-shirt pattern without even opening the book.

This one so far was the best bodice was but the sleeves needed a bit of fixing. So how I drafted the sleeve cap with too much ease so it made the sleep puff out funny in the back and also the bicep was a bit tighter than I liked. So I was a bit happier since this meant I needed to only redraft the sleeve
New Look 6735: I sewed this one up after muslin number 5, I wanted something to compare my draft to. Looking and comparing a flat pattern is one thing and then its another when it is in 3D form. I was mostly wanting to see the finished sleeve and neckline. When it comes to fit my draft is way better even though this was sewn using my size according to New Look sizing. After comparing I think my sleeve draft is right on point and so is my neckline.

6 Muslins
All three drafts

Until next time, happy sewing...

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