Saturday, May 25, 2013

Sewing Room to Sewing Space

Just this past week I lost two sewing days to moving, my sewing room that is. We did some rearranging of some the rooms and I got the girls old bedroom for my new sewing space. Its a little bigger so now I'm calling it my sewing space. The first room was pretty small and was very tight now I have bit more space and can now walk around my cutting table with no problems but the biggest gain now is now my room is not a walk through. You had to walk through my room to get to the front of the house, a problem when you have small ones and want to leave somethings out.

Table for my machines and ironing board

Cutting table with calendar behind it

Books/ Fabric and patternmaking table

Tracing and patternmaking paper rolls

Door and Pattern drawers

Books and Fabric 

I need to hang some of my kids art as the walls are pretty bare

Number 9 and in his favorite place, under my cutting table
Until next time, happy sewing


L said...

Nice space, Farhana! I am sure you're going to enjoy having the extra room. 9? Wowowow! I commend you sister!

JuliN said...

Congratulations on getting a larger sewing space. I like the tonal wallpaper. Happy Sewing!

Nanna said...

looks like you'll have a lot of great space!


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