Thursday, May 23, 2013

Design-It-Yourself Clothes Basic T

First Muslin

A couple of months ago I blogged about wanting to return to patternmaking and I am so glad I did. I'm just enjoying it. I have already drafted the basic skirt again. But this time I started with a sloper draft from Building Patterns and then mixed in DIY Clothes draft to make my basic skirt pattern that fits me a little better. I have already made two muslins and have my final working pattern that I'm pleased with. I'm currently working on my first skirt and hope to be done soon.

Next up was the basic t-shirt pattern, this took a little bit more time to get the results that I'm looking for and its still not quite there but I am going to keep working on it. After drafting the pattern with my measurements using the instructions, I sewed up muslin number 1 the pink black and off white knit. It was quite clear that I over measured on some things. The shoulder length was way too long, the neckline was too high for me and the sleeves and shirt length too long also.

Second Muslin
Muslin number 2: Sleeves still just a tad too long, shoulder length still too and neckline is just right but I forgot to take off the neckline length when making the neckband so the band was the same length and made the neckline stand way from my body.

Third Muslin

 Muslin number 3: Almost there but still not quite. I'm still not happy with the shoulder or sleeve I'll continue to work on that. I'm thinking about adding a center back seam for a better fit. For the most part the length of the sleeves and body are right where I want it.

Muslin number four is going to have a wait a couple of weeks since I want to finish the basic skirt and complete my level 2 garment for YCMI. A post on those coming soon.

Until next time, happy sewing


Stephanie Farinelli said...

Your first and third muslin look absolutely perfect. And they would go so well with your pink skirt. I can't wait to see more.

JuliN said...

I agree that the first & third muslins will go really well with the pink skirt. Way to go sticking with your pattern drafting!


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