Thursday, March 07, 2013

Burda WOF 1-2008-124 (modified)

This month is the fitted blouse contest going on over at Patternreview and I was so hoping to participate but with the new " on a person" rule my hopes disintegrated in front of my eyes. Oh well that is life, not everything works in your favor. I understand why the rule is in place, it is a fitted blouse and one needs to see the fit on a person to judge so I can't complain too much. I'm just going to sew along and hopefully show my blouse in the contest thread instead and also the  fitted/ semi fitted blouse sew along that was started, I'm happy with that.

I'm using BWOF 1-2008-124, I have been wanting to make this ever since it came in the mail back in December 2007, but of course stuff happens and things get pushed back and at times forgotten. Now I'm hoping to try it but without the bottom ruffle or the ruched darts, it has only taken me 5 years to get to it. Its a good thing a basic shirt/blouse doesn't go out of style. I love wearing fitted shirts, I love them more than t-shirts. So I'm hoping this will be THE pattern I use a lot.

While I was waiting for the contest thread to start, I pulled out my arsenal (my books) for this project. I want this shirt to be the best it can, like with all my projects. I think for now I'm going to use flat felled seams for the side and sleeve seams and David's cuff and collar application technique. I know these two things alone will improve my shirt making compared to my last attempt. I have already cut out a half muslin for practice. Right now some parts of the both techniques are a little confusing even when watching it but I'm hoping it become clear once I practice them a few times.

Next up fitting, I'm still not sure which size I am with Burda magazine patterns. I have already traced the largest size (44) and will go from there.

Until next time, happy sewing...

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JuliN said...

Oh, the "on a person" rule doesn't seem fair. (But, life's not fair, as I love to tell my kids.) I still look forward to seeing your creation!


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