Sunday, December 02, 2012

How Many Patterns Do I Need

Last year I tried to give myself a little challenge for 2012, and I failed miserably for various reasons. I won't go into detail why but I am learning with my sewing and goals. This coming year I have some goals planned but I will not expose them until I have completed them except this one which is a variation on this year's challenge and that is to try and use fewer patterns. Why? you might ask would I want to limit myself when there are so many wonderful styles out there.

  1. Firstly, FITTING I hate it, it takes up so much of my precious time, and when you have a large family to manage personal time is extremely precious.  
  2. Secondly I just want to be able to lay my pattern down and take my time and make a beautiful garment that flatters me.
  3. Thirdly , patternmaking, its a goal of mine to learn it so why not try to use it more on simple patterns and create new styles myself  and not be a slave to the pattern companies, I mean most of what the pattern companies put out are just variations from a sloper.
  4.  Fourthly, its not cheap or as easy anymore, back home in America it was but not here.
  5. Fifthly I just want to sew (yes I know I already said this one).
  6. I seem to be attracted to same patterns anyway.
  7. I hate the idea of becoming an old woman with a hoarding problem and nothing to show for it.
  8. I just want to sew.
  9. I just want to sew.
\Okay you get the picture, anyway I'm not going to restrict myself that is just asking for failure but I am going to try and keep the patterns to a minimum. All other goals will be reveiled as I complete them.

Until next time, happy sewing...


Gail said...
I agree with you. Buying patterns just to find that they don't fit well or come out unflattering on you is a waste of time.
I decided to invest in a sloper pattern and it has paid for itself. I found that I'm able to make decent garments from it. Every now and then, I buy a pattern for learning how to construct something like this:

Jo Ashcroft said...

I know exactly what you mean! This time of year is fraught with other stuff (end of the school year in NZ and I'm a teacher with kids of my own), a home to run, family visiting, meals to cook etc etc, all of which comes before sewing. Next year though I am taking a MAJOR sewing course at college so I guess I just have to wait!!!!

Anonymous said...

I have been stalking your blog for awhile and find your posts very informative and entertaining. I recently was awarded the Lovely blogger award and wanted to extend the award to you and your Lovely Blog.

Farhana said...

@Gail-I would love to have a sloper for myself. I think it would change my sewing drastically. How did you get it?

Farhana said...

@Jo Ashcroft- I can see we do feel the same way lol, but we are trying.

Farhana said...

@idealbild- Thank for the award, but I don't even know how to get it.

Jilly said...

Whoops. Sorry about that, I was a little unclear myself. It'a little button that you can pull of my post below. A fellow blogger sent me one and I was instructed to pass a long to other blogs I felt were inspiring and liked to read. Here is a link to my post and I've linked further to the blogger who sent me the award. Whew. Sorry for all that. And, of course you are no way obligated. It's just a way for fellow bloggers to promote others.


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