Thursday, November 29, 2012

M.I.A. But Still Working Sort Of

Oh I hate excuses , but I do have one and hope to make up for the last two weeks of no blogging. First off I got a bit obsessed with figuring out my size so, I took the original pattern and traced every size above 14 to 20. Then I started mixing and matching sizes in muslin, so I would do a 14 front with an 18 back or a full 14 bodice. While it was a bit boring and redundant I did learn something new about my body, I have a VERY broad back. I'm still learning but I think I have a good starting point. Also during this time I became very sick and was on antibiotics for a while and I mean for the first two days I was bed ridden. I'm still not at 100% but I am a lot better. So that is what has kept me away for two weeks. I'm hoping that the next will be much better.

 I have already started working on my lbd but I don't expect it to be done in time for contest. I'll just keep working on it until its done and of course blog about it along the way. I don't expect for it to take long, I just started working on it yesterday and think it will take me about 3 sewing sessions to complete.

Also for the month of December I'll be participating in #reverb12. So I'll hopefully be blogging a lot more for the month and reflecting on 2012 my success and many failures.

Until next time, happy sewing...


Kat @ I Saw You Dancing said...

SQUEEE!So excited you've signed up for #reverb12!
See you tomoz.
Kat x

Gail said...

Hello, I have an idea about your back fitting problem. May I suggest that you add what you need to the back bodice's shoulder seam then ease the extra back into the shoulder seam if it's a small addition. If it is more than 1/2 a inch, then you will need a dart (if you are planning a garment, you may even divide up the darts for design purposes) in the center of the shoulder seam.
I had to fit a client with a broad back and this worked great on her dresses. It makes the back nice and smooth while adding comfort.
Also it could make a good starting point for a shoulder princess seamed garment.

I wish success on your pattern-making.


Audrey said...

Hope you are feeling better!


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