Monday, November 05, 2012

Its That Time Of The Year Again

SWAP or Sewing With A Plan time, lots of other sewist, are talking and thinking about it over at Stitcher's Guild. I have attempted a few times in the past but never finished and I know that the first time I tried my plan was not that well thought out and other times too ambitious and when time was quickly going and nothing was getting made I just gave up. Now after my recent mini wardrobe success, finishing on time and working together, I think I can push myself to do this one.

Every year there is some sort of twist to the contest and this year there is a 5+5+1 or two different coordinating groups of five which are linked together by 1 piece concept. I'm going to keep as close to the original plan whilst having two different groups which means no dresses. I wear mostly separates anyway so this would not be that hard. I'm also trying to tie in my learning to sew garments as well if I can since I still plan to start working on it again the beginning of next year. Also since I'm still working towards building a small collection of TnT patterns, I want to working with patterns I hope to use more than once. So I have a lot of planning before the start date (Dec. 26, 2012), but if it does not work out that is also fine with me.

Until next time, happy sewing

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