Wednesday, November 07, 2012

I Got Real Muslin

Before I  left America three years ago this month I knew I would have a hard time getting the things that I was use to back home for my sewing for several reasons but the main reason language. So I bought with me some samples, one of them being a large piece of muslin. I was using some cheap cotton and poly mix that I could find easily at the souk, only problem is that it is not very wide and is extremely off grain. Since I had decided to get back into my patternmaking, I knew I would need the real deal. So I asked DH if he could take to the souk that sells a lott of things whole which includes fabric and notion shops. I was hoping I could find something there, I didn't know for sure. I took my large piece (read: more than one yard) of muslin with me. I walked into one of the wholesale fabric shops and first asked if they spoke English which they did not, and then just handed them my piece of muslin to sales help and he took it to his boss he felt it asked me if it had been washed, which it hadn't then told his clerk what to get and bought it to me. I asked was it 100% cotton and he told me that was it so I got it. You can see how it came in the pic above its a folded continuous piece. Its unbleached and cost me 80sar per pack which is the equivalent to $21.30 usd for 20 yards of 59inch wide, I got two packs so this should last me a couple of months.

I took pics of the fabric shop to give you an idea of what the wholesale shops look like here.
This is where the owner was seated. Those books are books of swatches of everything he has, and there is a lot of fabric cramped into a small space.

This is the aisle where he got my muslin.

No trip to my favorite souk is complete without some fabric shopping. The two prints at the bottom are poly knits, the blue is a sweater knit, the grey at 12o'clock is a cotton twill and the beige is poly crepe ( I THINK).

Until next time, happy sewing...


Gail said...

Why can't we have COOL stuff like that here in Tennessee!!!

Carla Belyea said...

Since most of our fabric comes from overseas, it makes sense that you have cool fabric, even if you couldn't communicate with the shop owner. Love the blue poly knit in the bottom left corner.


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