Friday, November 09, 2012

Drafting A Skirt Sloper


So I have started with my patternmaking book Building Patterns: The Architecture of Women's Clothing , there is not much out on the web about it, which is a bit surprising to me since the craft of sewing and making your own clothes seems has taken off tremendously. I decided to start with this book instead of the many other books in my collection is because  this one seems to aimed at someone who is self teaching, it seems easy to understand at least for me from just reading over a few of the exercises and it seems this system can be used for any body, there is no measuring a dressform or using only standard measurements in order for it to work, I can use my own or any other persons measurements and it works.

I have started it once in the past but for some reason never got past making the skirt sloper. So this time I have already done one skirt sloper for myself but there are some drafting issues, so I have to redraft it again which I plan to do soon and also I'm also planning   to use the example measurements also so that I can get as much practice as I can.

You can see the drafting issue here, if you look at the side seam from the high hip to the waist the angle is too much which causes a bubble in the side seam when worn. So I have to figure out how to change it.

Here is the sloper and muslin with an invisible zip in the back. The sloper does NOT have seam allowances added to it. I'm trying to train myself to add them when cutting or thread trace the pattern since this seams to me more professional and accurate.

Until next time, happy sewing...

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