Sunday, March 18, 2012

That's What I Get

Sorry no pics for this post, this is more of a rant than anything.
Today was the day that I needed to get my denim skirt done so that I could finish all of my March sewing plans on time. Well I never really did turn my TnT skirt pattern into a jeans style skirt, life just got in the way and I lost a lot of precious sewing time. So I decided to wing it with the Simplicity pattern based on my measurements and the patterns measurements the only changes I made where to slash and spread it to make it more a-line. With that I sewed up a size 18 it only took a couple of hours from the time I went into sewing room until I was able to put it on without the yokes and see how it looked, well the skirt it self looks good but the fit on me.... TERRIBLE, that's what I get for rushing and not taking my time. It just reminded me why I decided to make my own skirts and other things and TnTs and why this year I'm taking my time to build a go to pattern collection. I take the little time I have to do something I enjoy only to produce a failure is very hard on me. I think that I may have to cancel my plans for SWAP this year. I have enough time if I just want to whip up some garments but if I want to whip up some beautiful fitting garments then I don't think I'll have the time to finish. There are other contest this year but I so wanted to do a SWAP and the rules this year are so good, I just wanted to, I just had to. I'm not giving up just yet, I still have about a month and a half until the deadline.

So tonight I'll be in my studio trying to fix it, but I know like most people I'm not a fan of ripping esp when it also includes serged seams.

On a good note, I hit the motherload of silk. I mean 100% silk. but I'll save that for another post.
Until next time happy sewing....

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Gail said...

I make my own skirts too. It takes time, fixing patterns and making mocks however a well-fitted skirt with your choice of fabric, trims, etc is well worth the trouble.
Also I like your idea of a monthly sewing list.


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