Sunday, March 11, 2012

Changing Plans.... Slightly

So recently HotPatterns came out with a new dress/top pattern and as always I checked it out along with the accompanying youtube video. Well as soon as she mentioned about the the new denim dress in J.Crew's new line, I had to check it out and lo and behold I had already seen it and even eyed it quite a bit but did not think much of it since I had other sewing plans. Well after revisiting the site and thinking about the denim I'm already going to use for my skirt ,I think I have just enough for a dress. I can use the dress pattern I already had planned Simplicity 4118 and morph it a bit with Simplicity 3827 to get the look they both are apart of Simplicity's cup sizing collection, so I think it will be easy to do. So I'll still be doing my dress for the month but slightly different.  I'm going to use the lighter denim you see in the pic below. I bought that one here and the darker one I got from a few months ago. The darker one has a bit of stretch to it while the lighter one does not. I decided to use the lighter one since for one it was washed and ready to go and also if needed I could get more easily since I got here instead of waiting for another shipment from the States.

I still have not sewed anything yet for this month and this because of some pattern work I had to do but I'm still optimistic I can get all or at least most of what I had planned done.
Until next time, happy sewing...

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Bri said...

You can do it!


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