Tuesday, December 06, 2011

Fitting is Frustrating

 So it's been over a week and I'm still trying to find a top that I can use for my challenge and SWAP and at one point I kept coming back to wanting a peasant style blouse. Well kill that idea, after trying on the muslin I can see that anything that doesn't have a smooth sleeve cap is not going to work for me. As you can see instead of elastic at the neckline I just drafted a bias band instead, it came out a lot better than I thought but its just the sleeves. I don't like looking like a football player when I wear clothes and that is what my exerience has been with gathered sleeves. So then I go on and try the OOP
 McCall's 8721 tunic and let's say that was a disaster. I call myself tissue fitting a size 12 and it looked go in the neck area but of course it did not reach my center front at the bust so I decided to do a 2 inch FBA, I have not idea why I did it so large. Let's just say that it fit and but the side seams where too big. I can't describe it to well but it was just too much at the side. After that I just wanted to cry, all I want is nice fitting blouse. Its not like I'm fitting pants. Do I really need someone else to help, what do others who do not have sewing buddies around to help with fitting? I know I can't be the only one.
So now  I have Simplicity 2614 cut out and waiting. I hope to put that together tonight if this does not go well I don't know what I am going to do. I still have some more standbys but at this point I'm ready to almost give up and move on to something else for a while, we'll see.
Today I got some more goodies from home. Starting with some back issues of Threads magazine, I got issue 150-157 so that brings me up to the current issue. I still have 3 issues that I am missing from when moved here but I am in no rush to get them. I think these will keep me reading for awhile. Also I got some fabric from fabric.com, only two pieces that I hope to use with my SWAP. They are a black Vera W. cotton sateen and a stretch denim.  Then I got six boxes of silk pins, these are my favorite pins and of course I can find them here so I stocked up for a little while. Then I also bought some patterns, but this time not for me. Nope these are for selling. I only have a 169 right now. I'm going to see how these do before I invest anymore into them.

 Well as you can see after days of tracing and cutting and altering patterns and some days not even getting there because of how cold it was, my room is a mess, it was actually reflecting how I felt. So I needed to clean things up and try to refocus myself. So that's how I spent my sewing hour today cleaning up. Sorry I don't have after shots but it looks much better now and I feel a little better now walking in there. So we'll what tonight produces.

Until Next time happy sewing...

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