Wednesday, December 07, 2011

First Look : SWAP 2012 Fabrics

 So here is a first here is a first look a some of the fabrics. I still may swap out a few but I at least have a fabric for every garment I plan to make. So here are my tops and one dress fabrics.
This is everything together minus the two fabrics I just received.
Here are the two newest ones from
A close up of my tops and as you can see a lot of prints are going on. But as I said before some of these my get switched out if I can find something else.
So here are my bottom weights, 3 are denims and one is a cotton sateen. All them are enough to make two bottoms for a potential of 8 bottoms. I was so happy to find a quality denim here I wanted to much more than what I got. So far its been my favorite fabric store since I been here but its so far from house, so I only get a chance to visit every few months. I hope I get another chance to go before the SWAP deadline.
I'm guessing that sateen and cotton satin are the same thing, I bought the black and white cotton sateen a few years ago from fashion fabrics club when I was still in America and just last Wednesday I bought the red and white cotton satin here both are very close in feel but slightly different in weight. The black and white is a bit heavier. I plan to use the black and white as a dress and the red and white as a blouse.

Until next time happy sewing...

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