Sunday, December 11, 2011

The Blouse

For my blouse I'll be using Simplicity 2599. So far its the best fitting woven top I have. It fits, its not a perfect fit but right now call me a McDonald's ad because I'm" lovin it". I started with a size 12 and used a D-cup front,I made my muslin up as is and just wore it around the house for a couple of hours while doing house work. Based on what I could " feel" I added a half inch (1 inch total) to the upper back and lowered the bust dart by 1 inch. I also added 1 inch to the side seam in the hip area but I really did not need it so I may just take that away but with the first two changes it feels and looks so much better, I know I may have other changes that may need to be made to make it fit perfectly but right now I think its good enough to make  few of them. I'm also testing out view D with the three rows of ruffles. I'm not sure if I like it on me. I think this will be the first thing I will make up. I'm going to keep it simple without all the frills, we'll see.

Until next time happy sewing...

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Sew Blessed Maw said...

I bought this pattern too. I havent tried it ..but Hope to soon.Happy Sewing.


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