Sunday, November 20, 2011

Fitting New Look 6808 Day 1

 So I managed to get in a hour and a half in my sewing studio today, while it was not as productive as I would have liked ( I had my two year old in there with me) I did manage to get something done. A good reason not to have a toddler in your sewing space, water. In the pic to the left she had spilled water on one of my traced patterns and an instruction she not long after she came in. So I had to try and confine her to the couch in my room, it worked a little.
 I traced sizes 12 and 14. I'm still not sure if I am taking my measurements correctly. According to my bra size I should be a size 12 with a FBA but the measurements I'm taking put me in a 14. Now according to Fit For Real People The measuring tape should have a snug fit. I'm not sure if I'm pulling it snug enough, and that is the reason I'm getting two different sizes.
Since I have no clue what I am doing, I'm doing a combination of my own guess work and using the fitting books I have. So I'm starting by tracing off the  two sizes and then I plan to sew them up to see which one gives me a good starting point.

I know that it is better for the pattern to fit in the upper chest and neck than in the bust since it easie to fit the bust instead of the neck.

So far I have a straight 12 cut out and ready to be sewn and also a straight 14, but I also want to play around with sizes. Since I don't have anyone around that can measure my back, I'm going to mix the sizes to see I possibly have a broad or narrow back. So I'll do a 12 front with a 14 back and a 14 front with a 12 back.
So this is where I stand, I have a 12 and 14 cut out and ready to be sewn, tonight I'll try to cut out the pieces for the mixed size fitting and try to sew all four of them up tonight. I'm using my sewing journal to keep track of everything, so when its time to fit McCalls 5138 I'll be ready.

Until next time happy sewing.....

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