Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Fitting Day 3 and a Moment

Today I was able to sew up the size 14 and try it on, just as I was sewing it up my 4 month old started cry do to feeding time so I had to take off the top so that I could feed him and that's when I had my moment. I can not possibly use this top pattern if ever I'm out and he needs to nurse I would have to take the top completely off. I plan on breastfeeding him until he is two so its going to be a while. So I need to go looking through my patterns for another blouse pattern that will allow me to pull it up when its time to nurse. I have a few in mind I'm just worried about the silhouette with a maxi skirt.
Here are two skirts I am thinking about Simplicity 4886 and McCall's 8721 both are pictured with long skirts and appear loose enough for breastfeeding. Right now I'm leaning towards the McCall's because I like the sleeve but I'm hoping with my skirt its not screaming 90's but look at the pic it seems more to do with the styling than anything else.

 About the size 14, it was much easier getting on and off. The bust fit much better but the neck was too wide and loose, the waist area was okay but I think I could do without the waist darts for now but I most defiantly need to grade out at the hip area. The back is much better so I'm not sure what to do about that. For now I'll keep all of this in my notes, so now I need to start over but I think I'll start with a size 12.
So my plans for tonight are to pick a pattern and trace it off. If I have time I'm hoping to tissue fit to get an idea oh how much of a FBA I need and make that adjustment.

Until next time Happy Sewing...

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