Friday, October 21, 2011

Think Of My Next Adventure

My studio is clean and ready for my next sewing adventure. At below right you can see the four patterns I have been thinking about for a while, they are:

  • Simplicity 2599
  • Simplicity 2614
  • Simplicity 2310
  • McCall's 5138

So far I have narrowed it down to two, and they are Simplicity 2614 and 2310. McCall's required a notions shopping trip that was first eliminated, Simplicity 2599 I needed to add sleeves and right now I just
 wanna sew also some of the frills on it i was not feeling so that left me with the other two. I'm hoping I come to a decision soon since I at least want to trace and cut this weekend but at this rate I might not.

I already have my fabrics picked out that I want to use. They are some polyesters (think JoAnn silkies line) I got here last winter. I had other plans for them but as you can see it did not workout, so now I'm planning to use them for some simple winter tops.

I'm only liking two of the four prints but I'm going to try and make the other two work, if they don't then they will just be practice.

 I'm hoping that during our next school break I get a chance to do some fabric shopping, I would like to get some real wools and cottons and other natural high quality fabric. I'm still not sure where to look but I'm going to try and ask around to see.

Well until next time happy sewing...

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Anonymous said...

This is ummyusuf (baltimore).I really like the pink and the teal/brown fabrics. How are the kids? Tell them I gave Salams!!


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