Sunday, October 30, 2011

New Sewing Studio

So I have been in my new place for about four months now and once again I have a new sewing studio. The walls are still pretty bare but that is okay with me the only other addition I would like is a wall clock to help me keep track of time.
These pics are over a week old, so you do not see my new clam steam press that I got but other than that the studio is still pretty much the same.

The room is not completely clean in these pics but at the same time I'm not embarrassed to show it either. Anyway have fun looking
Above you can see the plastic drawers that hold my patterns. The are separated according to type and arranged numerically in each drawer.
To the left you can see my dressform it has been filled out now to somewhat mirror my size but is not my shape I need to do more tweaking for that.
To the front of the room you can see my mini couch and laptop table behind the pattern drawers and mirror to the side.

Unti next time happy sewing


Suzy said...

Congrats on your new space!! It's so good to have dedicated space to sew.

Nancy said...

Very nice!


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