Sunday, August 15, 2010

Burda 8513 and 3 muslins

 FBA on pants back
In my search for a good basic pants pattern I decided to try burda 8513 once again. I had much success with it about 4 years ago when I tried it, it wasn't a perfect fit but I loved how it looked on me and I wanted something fast and easy. 
I didn't know exactly how to start so I just made up a muslin in closes size. Well with Burda I'm between sizes so I went with the smaller size. Well once I sewed it up and tried it on, it looked as if I was wearing a pair of my children's pants. So I did some measuring and a bit of research and decided to try the method in Threads about improving the bottom line Threads 143 page 47, basically its a full butt adjustment or and FBA for your bottom (in my terms). After doing that the fit was much better but it was still a little tight. So after that I decided to go up to the next size and do the same alteration to the pattern. Oh it was ten times better, only thing I needed to do was sew a deeper center back seam. After that I decided to leave it for now. Just to have pants that fit better than anything I could find in RTW was gratifying. I know I could still fine tune the fit a little better but I don't know what right now. I'm happy with the way it is, maybe the more I sew it the better I'll become at "reading" the wrinkles and making it fit even better. Now I just need to get out and try to find some good quality fabric to make up a few good pants.

Burda 8513 the middle is the final muslin

Oh yeah it only took me two days of working on it off and on, So it was a weekend well spent I think even if didn't actually make anything wearable yet.
Final back
On a side note this was done about 2 weeks ago before my sewing mojo decided to take a break.

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marysews said...

Oh, goody! I have that issue of Threads, and now I an re-inspired to try slacks for me again.


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