Friday, August 20, 2010

McCall's 5429 almost done

I have already completed one of my UFOs but not sure if I want to do a review for it yet, its the Jalie stretch jeans. Mines fit okay could be better they are too low in the back as usual and too tight in the thigh area. I know that they are suppose to be tight but they are too tight for me and I need and extra long tunic to wear them.

McCalls 5429 with hem gauge poking out
So since I suddenly was in the mood to start sewing I went on and started McCall's 5429 view c. I had already cut it out so the hard part was over. Within the first hour I had all the back, side back and side front seams sewn and finished. I know that may sound like a long time to do so little but remember I have 8 kids and school is out so during the day there is no such thing as going that long without hearing "MOMMY!!!". Anyway I was happy to get that done that the next day I sewed in the fly zipper and stitched up front  and topstitch all the seams. I skipped a day before I worked on the waistband , note to everyone don't use thick denim with this pattern or at least use a lighter weight fabric for inside waistband and don't double over the belt loops. My waistband is pretty bulky in some places and I'm afraid of throwing off the timing on my machine again so now I have to figure out how to get these belt loops sewn on top. I hope later today to hem and finish attaching the belt loops.
After 1 hour of sewing

On an side note this view C runs a bit longer than the pattern illustration, I'm 5'6 or 7 and it is sweeping the ground so even after I sew up the hem its going to be pretty long more like a maxi skirt.
inside finished   
I think my mojo is coming back, I hope so.

One day I'll figure out how to move these pictures around better.
m5429 almost done

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