Saturday, June 12, 2010

What makes a wardrobe.....for me?

10 basic items I think would make a good starting point for a wardrobe for me.
  1. Basic tee
  2. Jeans
  3. Flat front pants
  4. A- line skirt
  5. Full skirt
  6. straight skirt
  7. Shirt/ blouse
  8. tunic/ plain top
  9. Wrap top
  10. Jacket
As you can see I did not include a dress in my list. I like dresses but I don't own a single one. Over the years I was having kids separates where easy for me because I made it easy for me to nurse my children when I needed to.  Now that I THINK I'm on a break from having children I hope to incorporate more dresses in my wardrobe. but first I'm going to concentrate on those things that I know I wear a lot and that I like.
Over the last few weeks I have taken a mental inventory of the thinks I like in the stores and on line and I have noticed a pattern and that is what you see in my list of basics (in no particular order, other than the jacket I don't wear a lot of those). Everything that I was drawn to was a variation of these basics.

So I hope to use this knowledge to aid me in my journey of a few good TNT (tried and true) patterns. I know its going to take some time (really a lot of time) but my goal  is to have at least 5 good starter patterns by November.

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