Thursday, June 17, 2010

McCall's 5433

m5433 fba
It FITS!!!! Well at least the tissue does. I traced a size 12 and did a 2 inch fba (full bust adjustment), the back was fine according to DH and so far with most patterns I find that to be true. There might be other fit issues but I'll sew it up in fashion fabric and decide from there. I already have 3 differnt versions planned in my head, I want to just cut out all three this weekend, but I'll  take my time and sew up the one first to make sure the fit is fine.
I'm a shirt wearer, I have love shirts I don't know why I just am. Ever since I was able to go to the store and shop for myself I tend to find myself with a shirt. Short, long, ruffles, loose, fitted, embellished, its all good to me. You would think that after sewing for about 8 years off and on (mostly off) I would have a shirt pattern, but with having kids I sort of put it off. Now my plans are to keep working with fit and finish until a I have a TNT shirt pattern.

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SweetsNinja said...

I just finished this pattern! Did you find that there was A LOT of ease at the top of the shoulders? how did you you fix this? Thank you!
WS -Sazi


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