Friday, June 18, 2010

Shirts and blouses

Since I'm planning on sewing up a lot of shirts and blouses, I thought I would give a list of rescorses on fitting, making, and finishing blouses and shirts.

Shirtmaking book and dvd
  1. Shirtmaking- Developing Skills for Fine Sewing (book) by David Page Coffin
  2. Easy Guide to Sewing Blouses (book) by Connie Long
  3. Zapp Method of Couture (book) by Anna Zapp
  4. Learn to Sew a Shirt or Blouse (DVD) featuring Marta Alto
  5. From Sloper to Shirt (Threads Magazine article) July 2008 #137 by Kathleen Cheetham
  6. Off the Cuff -Sewing Style- (Blog) by Pamela Erny
  7. Fit for Real People (book)
  8. Pattern Fitting with Confidence (book) Nancy Zeiman 
sewing shirts
sewing shirts and blouses dvd

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