Friday, June 25, 2010

special delivery

special delivery, originally uploaded by sewmodest.

I finally got my package from the States. Its been a three month wait, but it wasn't due to shipping but due to looking for the best way to ship here. We have heard a lot of stories about how unreliable the postal service is here so we did not want to send it regular post, so after a few delays and shopping around for the best price from a more reliable carrier we finally went with Fedex. But even with them we quickly found out how unreliable they are here. When I was checking the tracking the afternoon that I got it was saying " on truck out for delivery" or something similar, but found out that the packages had been delivered earlier that day. Also what makes it so hard here to get things is that there are no addresses and the delivery system.... well let's say it needs to move into the 21 century. But I'm happy get my stuff.

What did I get? I got my Kenmore that I left in the States that I wanted back because the Singer I have is not holding its own, my new serger, two new books (reviews to come later), some patterns and a Spring Sew Stylish mag, and the latest Threads Mag.

On another note, I'm still cutting out a few projects and tracing a few more and hope to start sewing them up soon.

As always more later

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