Friday, May 14, 2010

The library

ETA: I got the idea for this post from Tany who recently posted about her library.
I'm a book person.I love learning as much as I can about my hobby, but its not easy for me to go out and take a class or go to a seminar, so I buy books. Now with eight kids I try to keep my hobby cost within reasonable cost.  So for books I do buy some new but I also search thrift stores, eBay,, book giveaways. so because of this my sewing/patternmaking library has exploded over the last few years. What you see here is about half of what I own. This is just what I could spread out over everyone's baggage without going over, the rest are still in the states which I plan to have shipped to me over time. I don't think I'll be getting anymore books anytime soon since English books are not easy to get here and shipping from the states is NOT cheap. So here is my small library.
It is in some sort of order, starting from top the books are more topic specific, middle is fitting and patternmaking, and the bottom are general technique and some serger books. Threads magazine collection sits on a shelf under my cutting table.

Happy sewing


Tany said...

I see we share many of the same books!

Happy said...

Yes we do, Thanks for the comment and reminder.I got the idea frm your post, I forgot to give you credit and link to yours.


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