Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Not the bug.

Well after a long semester I had hope to be doing a lot of sewing and updating my blog on progress and finished projects, during my last post I had a bit of what I thought was the stomach bug because it was going around my house. Well as it turned out I did have it but that wasn't all that was contributing to my sickness. If you look to top of your screen you'll see a ticker, that's right a pregnancy ticker. So as of today I am 9weeks and 4 days. While I'm not upset it has thrown a monkey wrench into my sewing plans. So now what to do. You just my say well make maternity clothes, not the case I hate making maternity clothes I have tried the last two pregnancies to make maternity clothes, most if not all the patterns I have seen for maternity are let's say not me or what I like other than some Burda patterns. Also the idea of fitting and sewing it just turns me off for some reason. So I know I will not be trying to sew maternity and since my last pregnancy was so recent I have enough ill fitting maternity clothes to last me for a while. Most of the time I don't even start wearing them until about 3 or 4 months into my pregnancy. So now what to do? Well I want to continue to make clothes for myself, but not sure what to do. Maybe sew up some TNT patterns that I could wear after baby or maybe some knits that I can squeeze into for now and have them after baby. Or maybe work on learning and building my pattern drafting /making skills, or maybe try my hand at tailoring even if does not fit me in the end at least contribute to building my skills, maybe try a traditional chanel jacket with all the quilting and handsewing. Well I have a lot to think about but hope to figure it out soon so I can get to making, sewing and posting as soon as the all day sickness is over hopefully within the next few weeks, But hope to post again before then.

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