Sunday, December 21, 2008

Black and Red tunic

Finally my classes are over and I can get back to more relaxing and enjoyable things such as sewing. I hope this time around I make the best of my time. Now my next project is a tunic top inspired by a Tracy Reese tunic I had recently seen. The pattern is an OOP simplicity 3560 and I'll be using a black and red cotton print I found at Joann's recently. When I saw it for some reason it reminded me of the Tracy Reese tunic so I picked up about 3 yards of it more than what I need but I always buy extra for just in case. Tonight I did not get much done other than some tracing, I hope to make more progress tommorrow night. There is a bug going around my house and I may have it so its keeping me from doing much I hope it will pass soon God Willing.

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