Saturday, October 25, 2008

Bluffetti and So-en

Bluffetti is done, well almost I still have to hem it but other than that I'm ready to choose my next project but will NOT start until I finished my tee. I have more photos but for some reason I'm having browser problems so I was not able to upload all of my pics at once and uploading one or two at time was not easy either. So here we have the front and the neckline but again it looks much better on me then my flat dressform.
Okay again my japanese pattern drafting thing has come out, these are from the 60's and 70's just like the Pattern Drafting ones I have. These are by So-En . I have not had time to really look at them that much yet but hope to do so later tonight.
These are a little different than my last, as these two come with sloper patterns for women and children. SO i guess you just pick your size and fit it to yourself and then can draft the patterns from there. Again this is just from first look .
Okay I think this will be it for awhile as I need to do something with the ones that I already have. Now time to choose my next project. I don't think I'll be doing the M.K jacket just yet as I really need some tops right now and not a jacket.

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geek sewing said...

You draft?!! Not only do you draft but you draft using Japanese dress pattern mags? I'm sorry for my enthusiasm, but I haven't heard from you at the SAHM Sew Along at PR. I'm glad that I found your blog.


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